December 01, 2015

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La madu came to life as a fun diversion and excuse to travel Southeast Asia and the Pacific, mixing business with pleasure. It’s now developed into a lifestyle, one we love to share with our customers. Keep in touch for new product, styles and our blog is full of handy hints and travel tips from the places we love to visit.

Fiji Memoir

The South Pacific is our playground in paradise.
It’s the most popular destination to escape the winter woes.
It’s comfy and convenient.
Fiji, with its 333 islands, is the jewel in the crown.
A short flight from New Zealand and Australia with a time-zone as friendly as the wonderful smiles flashed by the always welcoming locals.
Once you’re there, the options are limitless.. Cruising by boat or staying at one of the many resorts, Fiji has it all.
Relax by the pool or take on the adventure - snorkelling, surfing, diving, kiteboarding, water-skiing, and para-gliding - play out your days whichever way you want.
All with a warm breeze and a tropical ocean.
The colours are mesmerising. So many shades of rich blues, from the coral-enriched turquoises of the lagoons to the ink-like depths on the other side of the outer reefs. All topped by a sky that reflects the ocean glory.
And as the sun sinks into the sea, watch those colours transform into a palate of red, yellow and orange in a blazing finale to another wonderful day.
Time for a cocktail and to ponder the dinner menu.
We get so many requests and so much feedback from our customers who are as loyal to Fiji as they are to La Madu.
The environment is tailor-made for our fabrics and prints.. They are fun and funky, light and airy, they’ll see you through from dawn to dusk and into the night with a comfort that matches the environment and feel of your holiday.

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    angela beer
    angela beer

    February 10, 2016

    for when I ever get off the farm I know who I’ll be catching up with for travel tips!
    Great article, love your work.

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